Friday, April 24, 2015

Oahu Road Trip

On Friday we took a road trip around the island.

For most of the week the surf had been really big on Waikiki, and so, it was relatively low on the Waimea side.  No worries, it was still beautiful, and folks were loving the water.

It's so fun to visit an area with someone who has deep roots.  Bonnie had a great story of a time when her father had a restaurant under this mountain called, of course, 'Crouching Lion'.  How cool is that?

We stopped at Kahuku Sugar Mill.  Sandi wanted pics for a friend who was raised there and currently lives in Oakdale.  So many pieces of interesting old equipment!

There are several of these smallish islands along the coast at a State Park.  Nice camps!

Haleiwa is a little tourist town.  We walked around, visited the shops, drank smoothies, and took some pics.

(regretting not buying this tote bag)

Bonnie was a great sport pulling off the road in the blink of an eye whenever we saw something that required a closer look.  She knew we would LOVE Kenike's for lunch.

The roof of the back patio is palm fronds.   

While we were the only 'customers' enjoying the back patio, it wasn't lonely with the chickens wandering around,  the pygmy goats nearby, and family working in the garden.

We sure didn't need dinner that night but did make one last stop back in town at the iconic Liliha Bakery for Coco Puffs.   

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  1. Would enjoy more of your lovely photos-
    the new self contained VAN with a PLAN is inspiring for coming travels; thanks for sharing your wonderful visits.


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