Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kaniakapupu Ruins

The Kanaiakapupu ruins, summer palace of King Kahmehameha, were a high light of my visit.  Many thanks to intrepid explorer and historian Bonnie for leading our expedition to this scared place.

The current trail is a muddy track through a thick bamboo grove.

But in King Kahmehameha's day, it was a cobble stone road to accommodate his thousands of visitors.

Ti is planted at each corner of the building to create a scared space or maybe bring good luck, not sure which or maybe both. 

Offerings to King Kahmehameha are often left at the interpretive plaque.

Parts of all four walls are still standing.  Piles of moss covered rocks indicate location of other structures on the site, including the outdoor kitchen. (Still trying to imagine providing food 10,000 people!).  

Looking in front door...

Looking out front door....

More ti plants...

Remaining window in a side wall...

Very few people find their way to this amazing place;  as we were ending our visit a small group entered the palace to meditate,  and we took that as our cue to return down the trail to our modern world.

After the ruins we had lunch at an authentic Hawaiian restaurant......

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