Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hill Country Loop

Wildflowers are blooming all over Texas,  and the next month or so is forecast to continue cool and wet, boding only good for a long blooming season.   I did a loopy drive this week from Austin over to Fredericksburg,  north on 16 to Llano, west on 29 to Mason, and then back south on 87 to Fredericksburg.   Many bluebonnets along the rights-of-way,  some in the fields,  several very yellow fields, and a couple white with Prickly Poppy.  Probably the best along the highway were on 29 but very few places to pull off the road.  (I skipped the Willow City Loop as reports were kinda discouraging).

Wildseed Farms has lots of lupine of all colors blooming.  It's an awesome place to practice,  I got a few nice shots, including our favorite California Poppy.

Blue Bonnets on highway 16 just south of Llano.

Mason is a typical Texas small town with BIG Courthouse Square.  

Lucky to get shot of jail with no leaves on the tree!

The old grammar school is way bigger than might be expected for a town this size, it must have dawn from the surrounding county.  Now it houses many community programs, including Senior Center, fitness, and a museum (as usual, closed on Monday!).

The author of 'Old Yeller' is from Mason.

Abandoned silo behind the jail.

Breezy day at Enchanted Rock was really nice for hiking.   No rain lilies or bluebonnets,  but pretty daisies among the Prickly Pear and several outstanding Claret Cup Cactus.

Last, but not least, a prickly poppy on 965 east of Enchanted Rock.  (Three batteries for my Canon and they were all dead by this point so no field shots) 

If the forecast holds true the flowers will still be blooming when I get back to Texas in May!


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  1. Great pictures Diana. You got some great pics of the pink ones too.


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