Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hawaii - Morning, Noon, and Night

My week on the island of Oahu in Hawaii flew by with friends Bonnie (Hawaiian native and full time resident)  and Sandi (a winter visitor with a Hawaiian heart) in a blur of colors,  amazing fruit from the Farmer's Markets, beautiful sky and water,  gorgeous sunsets and sunrises,  unique flowers and the quintessential Hawaii prints.

Morning Walks on the Beach
I never did adjust to 'island time' and so was up every morning by 4 AM for a lovely morning walk along Waikiki Beach and iced coffee at the Barefoot Cafe.

A couple days late morning found us on the beach; not to mention shopping expeditions on the bus.  Afternoons usually included a return to the Royal Grove for a siesta or some pool time.

One late afternoon we went for a long walk out Diamond Head Road.  Beautiful homes and two neighborhood parks on the water that the tourists have not discovered!

Sunday afternoons artists hang their work on the fence at the Zoo below Diamond Head.  

Special Evenings

Every Monday night Mr Wong, the owner of the Royal Grove,  and friends play authentic Hawaiian music in the open air lobby.  This evening they invited Hula dancers to join them.  These are all very, very long time friends and family; their love and joy of playing and dancing together was palpable. 

(Yes, that's one of the hula dancers in cropped denim, I told you this was the real thing!)

Sunday afternoon we watched evening fall from Bonnie's balcony and the walked back to the Royal Grove along the Ala Wai Canal.

Some evenings we joined the folks watching the sunset on Waikiki Beach.  

And finally, 'leaving on a jet plane'......


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