Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hawaii Flowers

Early in season for best blooms, still, so many flowers! These are from different locations on different days.  Some I can identify, some I can't, and some are not even flowers!

Red ginger at Queen Emma's

Don't know this sweet plant

Variegated ti with ferns

Back lite shell ginger

Hibiscus are in every color!

Spider lily

 These tiny 'half' flowers have a lovely story about separated lovers

Hotels, restaurants, retail stores display beautiful bouquets, often featuring Anthurium

More hibiscus

Maybe penta?

Sidewalk waterfall on Waikiki

Heliconia at Queen Emma's Palace

Coconuts at Punch Bowl

Fungus on trail to Kaniakapupu ruins

Another bouquet

The mango tree at Emma's Palace was dropping fruit on the lawn.  Wish I had know it was a mango at the time I would have checked out the fruit! 

Plumeria was blooming everywhere!   On Saturday,  Bonnie was wearing a lovely plumeria lei from her Daughters of Hawaii presentation.  We had stopped at a park to see a piece of a historical water system when a young man came over to Sandi and me with leis for us too.  Wasn't that the sweetest gesture of 'Aloha'?


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