Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Observation Point Hike

Falling into a hole between big storms, my week at Zion was clear and warm in the afternoons; perfect for this year's big hike: Observation Point.  (The Subway is so on my list,  but I think I need to find a 'guided hike' for that one).

It's four miles and 2000 feet elevation gain up to Observation Point.  Proof:

The fork in the trail to the right goes to Hidden Canyon and to the left is the Observation Point trail.

The cottonwoods along the river had not started to turn; maples along the trail had great color all ready.

The drainage makes a sharp turn creating this cool 'natural' sidewalk.

Not much farther is Echo and other unnamed 'slot' canyons.  My gps did not like the slot canyons.
The signals bounced off the walls adding a good four miles to my hike!

It's a hard climb, but doable, and the rewards are pretty fantastic.....

Past this 'first peek", it's another 3/4 or so of a mile around the side of the mountain to Observation Point.  (That's Angel's Landing on the right side in the middle).

The following series of shots are all of the trail going back down the mountain. I have to tell you I enjoyed the trail more than the actual point.  It's surly my favorite in Zion. (But remember I haven't seen the Subway yet!).

Ending with some more pretty colors.....

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