Friday, October 17, 2014

And I'm off.......

Up and over Tioga Pass on my way to Austin anticipating many happy adventures.  I always stop to look for Mountain Goats (sheep?); many times, but no sightings here (stay tuned for Zion!).

While the color reports had been less than encouraging, the June Lake Loop did not disappoint.  I spent a couple fun hours leap frogging with a couple other leap peepers who got as excited as I did by the gorgeous colors.

A fisher in the creek didn't seem to mind me and my partners snapping pics of him and his beautiful fishing spot!

Disappointed I can't identify these red leaves.

A swam of Monarchs added more accents of color (slightly out of focus).

This view in the campground made for a fleeting urge to spend the night.

It was really windy at both Gull and June Lakes so I beat feet south on 395 only to have a tire problem  develop in Big Pine, a tiny town, with a super Shell Station!  A fully stocked auto/tire shop with a very competent young man working that day had me back on the road in record time.  But not enough to get me to Barstow, so I stayed south of Lone Pine at the Boulder Creek RV,  great no hook up camp sites with views of Mt Whitney.  

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