Thursday, July 10, 2014

San Juan Bautista

Temps in the mid 70s were a welcome change when I met friend P and her DGD under the mission bell at San Juan Bautista.

Outside arches.....

And more in the chapel.....

A collection of vestments was housed in glass cases (no pics);  the needlework was incredible.  Tapestries hang from the ceiling timbers.

St. Francis(es) and friends.

Across the square from the Mission, the livery stable is part of the state park.   It's easy to see how small with stalls are with A standing in front of one.

Another state building, the Plaza Hotel and it's strange back section stand on the other side of the square.

(one day I'm going to ask somebody what this is!)

We walked downtown, visited a few antique stores, and had a yummy Mexican dinner.

This building dates from 1799.  

Not just the balcony, here the ENTIRE building, is PINK!

A town this old has to have old trees, right?   

This olive lives in the Mission gardens.

Here is the pepper in front of the Plaza hotel.

The fog was beginning to peak over the coastal hills when we headed home to Morgan Hill.  Gotta love the coast!

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  1. Very interesting. Much cooler than our trip to the San Antonio missions this week.


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