Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Water! at Enchanted Rock

It was with happy serendipity that I found the storm that had missed Austin the night before my hike had burst over Enchanted Rock.  So many years into the drought, it's been a long time since vernal pools, green grass and wild flowers were on the dome.

Here's a long shot of the rock, just in case you forgot since the last time I posted one.  (A very large school group arrived at the park just behind me,  but I hurried up the trail and enjoyed 90 minutes of hiking in solitude before they caught up.  Lucky kids, it was a glorious day!).

Here is a look at a wash with a piece of prickly pear clearly indicating the high water flow.  It's that bright spot on the rock in the middle.

On top of the dome there were many vernal pools. Some with green grass and prickly pear.  Some just puddles on the rock.

Not sure why, except maybe looking to warm up, there were many big lizards out exploring.  The green one was BIG!

A few rain lilies were blooming, but mostly spider wort.  

I like the dried grasses against the sky.

No water in Sandy Creek, it's going to take more than an overnight cloud burst, still, it was nice to see happy riffles running off the rock!


  1. I love the lizard you saw. We saw a pretty orange-ish lizard. You can see it in my blog.

  2. Nice! I visited Enchanted Rock when I first started RVing, but how cool that you found water and flowers there!


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