Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is an older neighborhood in Austin with many beautiful homes.  The local park has a swimming pool, wading pool, playground, tennis courts, AND an outstanding museum!

The museum is housed in the original studio built by the artist to create portraits (sculptures)  of many local dignitaries.

Huge windows on the north side of the building take up most of two walls.

This balcony is off the second story that apparently was living quarters. 

 A very tiny spiral staircase leads to the third story 'study' used by the artist's husband.   

Gotta wonder about carrying firewood up those stairs!

Windows on three sides create a light and airy space.

Local gardening groups maintain the grounds as native Hill Country plants.

The creek that runs through the property has a really old rock dam; now out of service.

Avenue G's bridge is visible with no leaves on the trees.

I was so happy to finally get to visit this museum with friend Paula to learn about this artist and the huge body of work she created over her life time.

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