Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A last minute (few weeks) reservation got me a middle section site in Watchman Campground without much privacy (lesson learned!). Next time I have my eye on the perfect campsite with great views of the Watchman and plenty of privacy to sit around camp and enjoy it!

The first evening I hopped on the Shutter for a ride up to the upper end of the canyon to do the River Walk.  It's a lovely walk, especially late in the afternoon.

A big rain and flood of the canyon happened a few weeks before my visit;  the river was still much higher than I have ever seen it flowing.  Water was seeping all along the cliffs.

The Fremont Cottonwoods were just beginning to turn;  the stars of the canyon this trip were the Big Tooth Maples.  

A few clouds and the sun low in the sky helped me get this shot of the split rock at the Temple of Shinawava.

Back to camp for an amazing sunset.

One morning I walked the Pa'rus trail along the Virgin River.

Yet another moon set!

Just about every city, state, and federal park in the country has these bridges.   I've been wondering who created this design that seems to 'fit' so perfectly where ever it might be installed; the engineer must be very, very proud of his/her legacy. 

Continental Bridge Company of Alexandria, Minnesota manufactures these bridges; they are installed by local contractors.  Funny that the description of uses online mentioned golf courses, highway over passes, and many more applications,  but not parks!  Anyway, while the company was purchased by Contech Construction in 2001. they got to keep their name.  That's good because each bridge has a little name plate that says 'Continental Bridge'.

The Pa'eus trail is two miles from the Visitor's Center up to the entrance to Zion Canyon.  It's pretty busy later in the day, not so much early in the morning.  

(By the way, the South Campground is walk in (no hook ups)  and had plenty of sites available.).     

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Hmmmmm, big tooth maples, sounds mighty familiar.


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