Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spider Rock, Finally!

Knowing I will arrive at Canyon de Chelly soon is the one thing that makes leaving Zion a little easier.  After a stop over in Page to do laundry and hit the grocery, late afternoon sun greeted when I arrived.  Even on week-end, the campground is empty this late in the season.

(looking west)

(looking east)

The ravens own the canyons of the south west.   

The White House trail is only one open to the public (others require Indian guides).  I got out early, 8:30 or so, and met only a Native family hiking down.  It was one of those mornings so perfect I didn't even take my camera out of my pack;  just soaked in the canyon.  Hating to break the spell, I didn't walk down the river to the White House Ruins.  (Paid my dues to the vendors last visit).  I reluctantly turned around at the bridge and headed back up the  trail.  It wasn't long before voices of hikers starting down began to echo off the canyon walls.

From previous visits I knew it was necessary to visit the Spider Rock overlook in early afternoon to see it before the sun casts a shadow on its base.  Maybe it's because I'm usually there late in October, but the shadow always is way ahead of when I think it will happen.   Finally, success on my second try!

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