Monday, October 21, 2013

Snow Canyon State Park UT

My one night stay at Snow Canyon was a happy result of the Feds shutting down the National Parks.  Next trip through Utah I will plan to spend more time there.  The RV section of the campground is pretty tight, but several of the dry camp sites are nice and secluded.

Travel pal, J, who lives in St. George, came by for a late afternoon visit.  It was great to finally meet in person; we have been 'online' friends for several years.  

There are many, many miles of trail.  I decided on the Three Pools hike to get acquainted with the park. (Also because the trail head is just across the road from camp!).  

The first half of the hike is through the red rocks with great views of several other types, including lots of lava.

The trail description had warned about sand on the trail;  it really wasn't bad until the trail became a sandy wash!

So, I heard the horses coming at a fast trot, and got ready to snap a pic.  Shocked, I almost missed it when I saw a rider with a toddler balanced on the front of her saddle!

Along the edges of the wash, where the sand is undisturbed,  I practiced my tracking skills.  Many insects, birds, and small animals.  It would be fun to spend some time off trail collecting tracks.

The first two pools would be VERY small under the best conditions, late in the fall they were about non-existent.
A tiny seep of water dripped into what was left of the third pool.

  (black arrow points to the pool)

A few hardy flowers were blooming.

I couldn't resist a hike called 'Three Pools', and I'm glad I did it, but probably won't again.  Way too much deep sand!

Back at camp it only took a few minutes to button up my van and get on the road to Zion.  I was looking forward to seeing more gorgeous Fremont Cottonwoods.

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