Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Emerald Pools (Zion)

This is my fourth (?) visit to Zion,  but the first time I've hiked up the Emerald Pools trail.  It's a nice walk along the opposite side of the river and then climbs up the canyon for a mile and a half or so.

More Big Tooth Maples!

The Lower Pool sits at the base of a waterfall from the Middle Pool.

Just past the lower pool the trail splits; stay to the right to the Grotto or go left up some steep steps to the middle pool.  

This series of pools is very popular; it's good to keep a sense of humor.

Big Tooth Maples continue to steal the show.

The upper pool sits at the bottom of a very high cliff;  it's kind of a bowl and not the kind of thing my camera can capture!  This is a long shot to the top where the tree is evidently growing along the stream that feeds the pools.

Back down the trail to the Grotto, I'm sorry to say I offended a family visiting from Europe.  No need to go into my whole side of the story, but I bet they have been telling about the mean old woman they met on the trail in Zion!

One last look up the canyon,  wishing I had planned a couple more days.

The view from my camp was really pretty nice;  very late sunset on Watchman.

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  1. Very beautiful. Bet they were doing something along the trail that they were not supposed to be doing. It's hard to imagine you offending anyone.


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