Monday, September 23, 2013

Barney Lake, Finally

While it was four days (1 - comedy of errors; 2 - wind; and 3 - snow!) before I finally got on the trail to Barney Lake,  this perfect day was so worth the wait.   Blue bird sky, 45 degrees, and no wind when I started up the trail at 9 o'clock.  The Hoover Wilderness is becoming one of my favorites; I always stop to read the signs.  This time there was  excellent information about the Rim Fire posted along with the usual maps.

The trail to Barney Lake is 8 miles round trip with an elevation gain of about 1200 feet; 7000 at Twin Lakes to 8200 at Barney, more or less.  The first three miles are mostly flat; the climb is in the last mile or so to the lake.
It's a great trail with lots of variety.

Lovely open forest.......

High desert and granite mountain peaks.......

Aspen groves......

And sometimes, all in one shot!

The trail even followed the creek for awhile as it began the big climb.  The worrisome thing was that climb turned out to be on a mountain with an excellent water source that produced tons of berries.  This narrow trail was not a place I wanted to meet a bear, and given the abundance of berries that was exactly what I was afraid would happen!  Two fresh bear sign (since the snow) was thankfully the closest I got to that scary thought.  Now I can appreciate the elderberries!

Barney Lake is bigger than it looks in this pic;  the trail goes on around the right side on to Peele Lake and eventually Buckeye Pass.

There is a sandy beach on the east side, like at Benson, due to the prevailing wind.

After a quick hello to a back packer on his way out, I ate my breakfast (always dumb to hike without eating!) before heading back down the trail.  There are a couple of neat views of Upper Twin Lake that I missed on the way up.....

Not that many folks on the trail, maybe 6-7 total all day.  And as usual I was the slowest, and they all passed me on the way out.  Still, you'd think they coulda left the signs up until I got back to the trail head!

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  1. What beautiful views on your hike! You sure have been busy lately.


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