Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mono Lake Regroup Day

Taking a chance on some early fall color and hoping for a couple good hikes I headed over Sonora Pass.  At the very top the aspens were starting some yellow and the weather was perfect.   Alas, Saturday morning when I arrived at Twin Lakes trail head, the wind was screaming out of the canyon!  I had to hang on to my car to keep from blowing away.  No hiking today, Barney Lake would have to wait.  Regrouping I headed to Mono Lake and found not a breath of wind south of Conway Pass.  Nice.

First stop was the Mono County Park on the north shore of the lake.  There's a great boardwalk down to the shore line with lots of bird watching.

Still no wind, but text from sister warned me of storm on west side of mountain.   Ummm,  Visitor Center is still saying 'very slight chance of sprinkles'.  On to the South Tufa where the wind caught up with me.

Mono Lake white caps were starting to  look like the ones I had seen earlier at Twin Lakes!

Sand was blowing along the east shore.  I was a bit worried about it moving in my direction until I realized it was a south wind!  Duh.

Here was a good chance to finally visit the Old School Museum in Lee Vining.  

They have a great collection of old equipment on the grounds.  My favorite is the dump truck.

And not to miss the Upside Down House!   Originally a tourist attraction on Tioga Road, it was moved in tact down to Lee Vining.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at the Vista Point above the Whoa Nellie Deli (very good food!) watching the clouds blow over Tioga Pass and across the Mono Basin.  Very nice indeed, unplanned, day!

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