Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bodega Bay Camp

Bodega Bay is a great get away when it's HOT in the foothills.  The problem is that it's hard to predict what the weather will be 180 days in advance when it's time to make campground reservations.  That's what happened this week,  low 90s in the foothills meant the marine layer was sitting on the coast.  It was long sleeves and coat weather when Travel Pal S and I arrived on Monday.  The wind didn't blow the fog away until Wednesday; but the really big waves it brought were worth the wait.

Tuesday we took a ride up the coast to visit Fort Ross.  Imagine our surprise to find it CLOSED!  State budget cut backs was their story; only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was fun to walk around the outside of the walls and peak through the  cracks in the timbers; still, kinda disappointing!

This old eucalyptus tree has the best bark designs.

The Naked Ladies were blooming all along the coast.  

Seals (or sea lions?) soaking up sketchy sunshine at the Russian River.

Bodega Bay is perfect climate for succulents.  This one was on the patio of a cafe in Jenner.  If you visit, be sure to check out the gardens at the Entrance to Doran Beach.

We ran into Genevieve at Goat Rock;  and then she turned up in our camp to Wright's Beach too.

It was great to see the sun turn the ocean blue on Wednesday while we explored the little town of Bodega Bay.  But even better were the giant waves we found at Wright's Beach when we returned to camp mid-afternoon.  

Looking back at Wright's Beach from Duncan Landing, just at far right of the pic is S's rig and mine is across from hers but out of the shot.  (I almost got blown away when I climbed up on this bluff!)

Two hours of walking in the heavy sand and crazy wind wiped me out so I almost missed the sunset that evening.  Rushing out to catch the last rays I found S, Crissy and Abbey on the beach enjoying (ok, it 'was' kinda cold) a last walk before we headed home Thursday morning.



  1. Sounds like you had a good time. Big waves....were you right down on the beach???

    1. Yes, Colleen, right on the beach! Lots of sand blows into the campground covering all the paving, but I don't think the water would ever get there.


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