Friday, August 16, 2013

Bobcat at Ranch

Starting out to close the gate at sunset this evening I turned back to check on the level of the water tank. Oh happy serendipity!  A bobcat was stalking prey just outside of my fence (between me and the water tanks).  I watched for a long time from my picnic table before sneaking inside to grab my camera.  She was still sitting behind the oak completely unaware (or ignoring) the squeaky screen door.  By this time, though,  I was worried she was after our resident hen turkey or one of the jack rabbits.

(check out that strange white strip on the right ear)

Unbelievably, I climbed through the fence and got to the end of the mowed grass, within probably 25 yards.  Finally, I whistled to get her attention!  

Here's a digital zoom of same shot.  Amazing green eyes!

Whatever she was stalking was pretty darn temping because even when I tripped backing away she continued forward another 20 feet or so.  I hoped to get a shot of the signature white puff on the tip of her tail, but no luck.

Finally, giving up the hunt, she wandered on up the trail to the water tanks, and I completely forgot to check the water level!

(I think it's really interesting how close the color of her eyes are to the green eyes of the coyote I shot earlier this year.)

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