Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Way

There was next to no traffic (nice!) on Sonora Pass Friday afternoon when I drove over to Twin Lakes to hike for a couple days at elevation before a planned hike to Green Lake on Sunday.

Levitt Falls was my first stop on top of the pass.

Levitt Meadow:  the Walker River (fabled among fly fishers) runs through it.

(to the northwest of the right side of meadow is Levitt Lake at the end of three miles of horrible road; so wish they would improve it because the hike from there over Big Sam offers a great view into the Emigrant Wilderness)

With sheer luck I got a site at the Paha forest service campground just below Twin Lakes.  It must have been a cancellation because there is NOTHING available for the rest of the season.   Two big bucks in velvet walked through the camp as I was arriving;  these were the first of many I saw in my few hours there.

Sleeping in the back of the Rav I woke up early and got to see the sunrise coming up on the Sawtooth Mountains.

Friday afternoon it was really windy with white caps on the lake;  Saturday morning had me wishing I had my kayak.

(took this pic with my iPad!)

Back out through the Bridgeport Valley, the Hunewell Guest Ranch horses were turned out to graze.  There must have been a hundred (or more)!  One of those times I was wishing for a beefier camera!

On to Green Creek......

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