Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Volksmarch #2 - Pt. Lobos, CA

I set out early on Wednesday hoping to beat the people into Pt Lobos State Reserve, but when I arrived at the Whaler's Cove parking there was only one spot left for me!  Wow,  didn't really expect that.   No worries, most people were either diving or visiting the Whaler's Cabin.  The trail went straight up from the parking area and then to a fork that offered either the Whaler's Knoll or the North Shore.

This Volksmarch is only a 5K and make a loop over the Whaler's Knoll.  I knew I wanted to do the whole trail, so continued on the North Shore route intending to pick up the Volksmarch on the other side.

At another overlook hikers are warned to be quiet:  it's a Harbor Seal birthing area.  No pups yet today.

Temperatures in the low 60s were just right for hiking along the cliffs.  

And enjoying the amazing views back across the bay.

At the next fork in the trail I continued out to North Point.  The trail got a bit busier now as there is a parking area near-by.  Sometimes I forget I'm not in Texas and also that some people don't appreciate Nature's subtle beauty,  so when I got all excited telling a couple about the swirls in the trunk of old cypress tree at the point they looked at me like I was a crazy woman.  Oh well, they missed a great shot with that fancy camera.  But you get to see it......

On up the trail there is a strange phenomenon of red algae growing on the trees and rocks.  The docent at the trail head told me it only grows here because the air is absolutely pristine, and not to worry it wasn't killing the trees or the rocks!

From here on the trail becomes one continuous post card;  other people have words to describe this kind of beauty, but not me.  These shots are to wet your appetite for a visit to Pt Lobos,  it's so worth it!

Back to the parking area,  I picked up the trail for the Volksmarch route and will continue that in the next post!

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