Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Volksmarch #1 - Historic Monterey

Several years ago I heard about Volksmarch (people's walk) and recently I met a fellow blogger, Travel Bug Sue, who has been doing Volksmarches for most of 15 (!) years.  My interest was piqued!  So,  I really, really wanted to go to Monterey before my return to Texas and I really, really wanted to do a Volksmarch.  Happy serendipity,  turns out there are several Volksmarches in the Monterey area!  

I found the starting point for the walk in a store near the Wharf without much trouble, got my map and was on my way.  Uh oh, off to a rough start as many of these walks are in urban areas, and shortly I found myself at a very busy four way stop.  On my own I would have probably turned around right here and headed for the hills!  To make it worse, a huge bus came flying by and then an ambulance going code 3!   Oh yeah, there were lights, but I was still scared to death!

Finally I got across the road and continued up the hill.  This was a new part of town to me and the location of the Monterey Peninsula College.  A trail off the street leading down to the Forum Bridge was not on my route, but I had to check it out anyway and found this wonderful old tree.

On past the college into the Iris Canyon Greenbelt there was a collection of cars parked along the road.  I asked a guy what was interesting here, and he said nothing, we park here to avoid the parking fees at the college!  It was a hot day for Monterey, not much shade in this area.

Next up was the Museum at the edge of a beautiful old residential area.

The walk instructions were easy to follow, but another uh oh, PG&E had a street closed.  I could see pretty gardens and thought surely I could get past the workers since I was walking.

Nope, couldn't get past the truck, so back up the hill and making a LONG detour!

Back on track, the Virgin Mary was waiting for me......

....at the San Carlos Church (the former Royal Presidio Chapel and the oldest building in Monterey).

I had to chuckle at the paradox,  just down the street (and only slightly off my Volksmarch route) was a Trader Joe's and, hallelujah, a Peet's Coffee.  My water had run out a couple miles ago; did I mention it was HOT for Monterey?

One more stop before Peet's at the Robert Lewis Stevenson House.  No time to tour inside, but I did enjoy the beautiful walled garden.

Fortified with iced coffee walking along downtown streets, I was soon at the Monterey Institute and then Bernie's old apartment building!  How fun!

Taking extra time again, I visited the State Park gardens.

The 10K route is not meant to take 3 hours!  My meter at the Wharf was no doubt close to running out, so I hurried back to the Rav.  Arriving at Borg's in Pacific Grove a sail boat was just passing Lover's Point.   

The Volksmarch was really fun; I'm looking forward to doing more!

(Note:  There are four walks in this area:  The Historic Monterey and Lover's Point, both with same start near the Wharf;  one in Carmel; and another at Pt Lobos).


  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed the Volksmarch. Too bad about the detour.

    We love Monterey and Pacific Grove, such a lovely area by the bay.

    The tree on the side trail you explored is beautiful.

    1. So love that tree! I need to look it up so I have a name for it!

  2. Forgot to mention that Tuesday is Farmer's Market in downtown Monterey.


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