Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pt. Lobos Continued

The  Lace Lichen trail crosses the main road right where the map said it would putting me back on the Volksmarch route.

It is through the forest,  parallel to the main road so I could hear cars in the distance.  Soon I passed the Entrance station and shortly was back to the coast.  At the next fork my car was to the left, but the rest of the Volksmarch is to the right.  Besides I didn't want to miss Moss Cove.   Much of the trail along the coast is lush vegetation, unfortunately probably 75% Poison Ivy (Oak in Tuolumne County).

Near the Cove I met a docent who was chopping Wild Mustard.  It seemed like a lost cause, but there was a method to his madness.  While it would be impossible to irradiate all the noxious weeds,  he explained that it is worthwhile to hoe them from around the native plants.  Good stuff!

Headed back towards my car now,  the Whaler's Cabin was in the distance.  This is a long shot, but I didn't get another chance due to people walking in and out.

It's a great little museum with many old photographs documenting the whaling period;  then the abalone harvest after the whales were gone.  At least the whales are back, not so much for the abalone!

Yet another docent gave me a heads up about a baby seal near the parking area.  It's the tiny white dot on the lower right side of the little rock.  Never did see mama.

Finally back to my car,  it was time to find a place for a picnic.  How hard could that be?  Well, have to say the parking lot at the end of the South Shore road with tables and restrooms was packed!  But I had seen a wide spot about a quarter mile back.  Yes!  Hidden Beach!  I lost the hiking boots, grabbed my lunch and headed down the stairs to a beach of tiny polished rocks.  

On previous visits to Pt Lobos, the tides pools along the South Shore were a top priority.  The Volksmarch route got me started on the North Shore trail instead making for a very challenging and fun day of hiking.


  1. Point Lobos is spectacular. Haven't done any Volksmarches in that area yet. Next time we're there, though, we'll do them all.

  2. Looks like a great hike with interesting sights.

  3. This is one of my favorite places. I wish we could visit it more often. Your posts reminded me that I need to plan a trip down the coast.

  4. Beautiful pictures


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