Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy 16th (?!?!) Birthday

Grandma Linda cooked for days, and family arrived from far and wide for a gorgeous day at Melones (if a little windy :) to celebrate Super Nephew S's 16th birthday!

Super nephews S and G, with friend T, slowed down just long enough for a pic.  No kites, but the Frisbee took crazy flight several times.

Grandma Jean with S and G.

Great Grandpa Frank and Grandma Jeanne enjoyed the sunshine.

It only took a glance at the box for S to know it was the cell phone he wanted!

But there was more.....the SIM card.....

Oh yeah, S had a happy birthday,  and yes, he did put the new phone down long enough to go for a swim in Melones with his buddies!

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