Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Visit to Disneyland

Folks never believed me when I said, "Nope, never been to Disneyland!".  It was true,  I was the only native Californian in the whole state that had NEVER been to Disneyland.   But no more!  Friend R took pity on me and now I'm a Mouseketeer too!

Monday night we checked into our motel and set off to explore Downtown Disney.  So exciting with all the lights, music and people, people, people everywhere!  Got this shot of the Lego dragon the next day when the sun was shining.

All day Tuesday we explored California Adventures. Then returned that night for the Wonderful World of Color.


Wednesday it was time to see Disneyland!  WOW, just WOW!  (Well, no, I didn't ride the Matterhorn.)

But the Monorail was really cool! 

Mickey Mouse was busy rehearsing his show in the new Fantasy Land Theatre so we didn't see him, but had fun at the Darth Vader show.

Too soon it was time to hit I 5 back to Fresno and the real world.

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