Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dogwood are Blooming

It's been several years since I was home to see the Dogwood blooming; that fact put a visit to Calaveras Big Trees at the top of my list.  Adventure pal P joined me for a day of hiking and photography.  While many of the trees have green leaves all ready,  the blooms are in near perfect condition.  (The bloom is early this year,  but Mother's Day week-end is always a great time to see dogwood in the Sierra).

We detoured off Highway 4 onto the old highway to get our first peak and judge the stage of the blooms. Oh yeah, this was looking like a good day!

As most always,  we started our hike on the Grove Overlook trail.

Catching a glimpse of a dogwood deep in the forest glistening in the sunshine is my favorite.  But blooms in a spray on branch are way easier to photograph!

A single bloom shines like a light in the woods.

We finished the North Grove; then walked around the campground loop before heading down to the South Grove.

North Grove Trail

A new flower caught my eye from the bridge at the beginning of the South Grove Trail.  I know Elephant Ears grow on this tiny island in the middle of the creek, so can only assume these are Elephant Ear blooms!

The underneath side of Dogwood blooms are almost as pretty as the top side.

Scattered along the trail there are a few Wood Violets.

Many moons ago a big tree fell across a little creek.  Now all that is left is a hollow shell.  

Heading back down the highway,  we made a last stop on the old highway above Murphys.  This  area is a great place to see Dogwoods if you don't want to drive all the way to Big Trees.  (And there is ample parking;  just watch for cars because nobody is watching the road; all the drivers are looking at the dogwoods!).  

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