Thursday, April 4, 2013

San Antonio Botanical Garden

At  Easter K and I hatched a plan to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden this week.  Texas friends will know the rain came down in buckets in Austin on Tuesday; but Wednesday looked good with only scattered showers.   Highway 35 traffic was light;  the Old Austin Highway (3680 took us through an older business district; and New Braunfels Ave is a delightful residential street that borders the gardens.  An easy route that will ensure many future visits!

Entry into the Garden is through the Sullivan Carriage House.  Originally built in 1890; eventually used by San Antonio Light to store newsprint; it had fallen into disrepair by 1980 when the Botanical Society acquired it with the stipulation that it be moved.  Carefully dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt at the Garden, it offers a striking welcome

The walkway up into the Garden follows a rock wall planted with succulents.

Next, we walked under the Wisteria Arbor and through the Fountain Plaza to the Conservatory.

Beautiful bougainvillea bloomed around the circular entrance to the Conservatory.

Orchids, begonias, hostas and countless other plants live happily in the sheltered environment of the Conservatory.

We wondered if the rock formations in the Desert Pavilion were real or concrete.  

The Palm Pavilion is home to very, very unique palm trees!

Burlap Palm......

Fishtail Palm.....

And the Zombia Palm....

A gradual climb took us up to the Observation Deck.

And a close look at a section of the support structure.

To be continued.......


  1. Neat place. I'm going to have to make a trip there.

  2. Oh for sure Colleen! It's excellent. I want to go back to as we missed the Piney Woods loop and Water Saver Lane (a row of little Sunday like houses); not to mention the Japanese Garden that is closed for restoration!

  3. If you go, let me know. I want to go back now that it's springtime. Would love to go with y'all.

    Diana, beautiful photos after the rain. I love how the water makes everything shiny.


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