Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quinta Mazatlan

Recently I spent a week with my RVing travel pals in the Rio Grande Valley.  It was all new to me and you know what that means:  I was a happy camper!   The first day we visited Quinta Mazatlan . It's one of the biggest adobe houses in Texas; also one of the wings of the World Birding Center .

We were very lucky to have a private tour of the house and property.  Our guide was so proud of her facility her buttons were bursting!   (Remind you of anyone you know?).

Unfortunately none of the original furnishings have survived, but much remains from the second owners and all is beautiful.

The living room.....

The dining room.....

And my favorite, the sun porch....

Although now surrounded by urban growth,  when first constructed Quinta Mazatlan was very rural.  As a deterrent to unwanted visitors,  Mr. Matthews put up signs to beware of the 'agapanthus'!

An extensive trail network extends around the estate grounds and is marked by beautiful arches and gates.

Water is critical to life in this arid environment.  Canals transported the water from the Rio Grande River for both agriculture and personal use in and around the mansion.

As hard as it is to even believe,  the original pool was huge, 12 feet deep from one end to the other; the pump that filled it was operated by a jet engine!

More appropriate to the area,  there's a large cistern in the courtyard.

And a Prickly Pear cactus growing out of the chimney!


  1. Such a fun trip. I want to head out again.

    1. Me too! Van is all clean and ready to go!


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