Friday, April 19, 2013

Progresso, Mexico

Like the thousands of Winter Texans who spend 'the season' in the Rio Grande Valley we went to Progresso for meds and duty free alcohol.  It's a snap to walk from the US into Mexico across the bridge, but you better have your passport if you want to get back into the States.

The bridge is really interesting.  Regular traffic is in the middle with wide pedestrian lanes on both sides.  Truck traffic is routed over yet another separate section.

The border is a bee hive of activity; I was very politely asked not to take pictures.

This fountain full of Mexican symbolism that I don't understand welcomed us as we entered Mexico.

The streets were very quiet on this 'off season' day.  From the hawkers at every pharmacy "Almost free!".

Tortillas,  prickly pear, garlic, roasted nuts, all the good stuff was available along the Main Street.

The parrot dress 'almost' got me;  while very tempted by nostalgia, I decided a pic would work in place of the real thing!

We had lunch in the Arizona on the second floor of a very large building just kitty corner from the border.  The views looking back into the city were great,  my pic, not so much!

Weary shoppers regrouped on the US side of the Border.  Yep, all accounted for!

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  1. OMG, you needed the parrot dress. Lots of unf for all.


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