Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Mueller

Y'all know I really try to be flexible and open minded, but when I first came to Austin I didn't get the idea of 'green belts'.  A city park should look like a city park, right?  The fog began to clear when I hiked in the Barton Creek Greenbelt.  It's a gem!  Still, I didn't get that 'prairie' in the Mueller development.  Dry grass?  And then it was spring and the dry grass has blossomed into fields of wildflowers like I have never seen.  Yep, that's what a green belt brings to the city......wildness!

But first a nod to the sculptures and structured garden in the center of the wildness.

The last time I walked at Mueller, the Evening Primroses were the main show, now its Texas Star and lots of Mexican Hats.

Evening Primroses are fading to almost white now.


Blue salvia and late primroses.

No post about Mueller would be complete with the spider!

As if acres of wildflowers were not enough to make a perfect Sunday morning, we were as happy as this grackle when we discovered iced coffee at the near-by Farmers Market.  

(Note to Austin friends.....hundreds of sunflowers are just beginning to blooming, so except a couple more weeks of glory here!).

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  1. Really neat spot in the city. Love the spider too. I think the kids will want to see that.


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