Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gardens Part 2

Leaving the Conservatory, we walked through the Orangerie (!) and the Fern Grotto.

Firecracker is blooming throughout the Garden.

From the Overlook, we could see several storm cells building in the distance, but none looked all that threatening....

......and the intrepid adventurers continued on....

Along the top of the ridge the Acequia carries water into the lower reaches of the Garden; in an English garden this structure is call a 'rill'.  (Thanks K!)

If you are in Texas and longing for a visit to the Sonoran Desert,  the Cactus and Succulent garden is for you.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  We would not have been surprised  to meet a family of javelin trotting down the path.

The South Texas loop is an undisturbed area to show what was here before San Antonio.   Ummm, was that thunder?

As we reached the Piney Woods loop around the lake (maybe five minutes!),  the thunder was booming and lightning was flashing.  

Very suddenly it was clear we needed to get back to the Carriage House!  Taking the most direct route back down the hill; it got very scary as lightning was striking all around and the RAIN began just as we reached the shelter of the Carriage House. 

Enjoying a nice warm cup of tea with our lunch, it was easy to imagine our booth as a horse stall in a previous life.  I'm sure the horses appreciated the shelter from that down pour as much as we did!

After lunch it was just a bit drizzly as we finished up a quick tour of the Rose and Formal Garden.

And finally, an ancient fountain in the Scared Garden, a fitting way to end a lovely day.

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