Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tucson Desert Museum

The highlight of my annual fall drive out to Texas was a stop in Tucson at the Desert Museum.  RV friend Beth was staying nearby so we hatched a plan to meet for a day.

The Museum is build around the Sonora Desert NOT on it.  Pathways leading from exhibit to exhibit often feel like wilderness.  The variety of plants is amazing.  One day I hope to visit when wild flowers, trees, and cactus are blooming.

It was a hot day so most of the animals were either sleeping or preparing to be shortly.

We had a yummy taco salad in the onsite restaurant;  checked out the gift shop; and stopped for a photo op. (Wish I could blame someone else for the  saguaro growing out of my head, but no, I did it!)

Morning and afternoon were punctuated by the Raptor Free Flight Show.  We attended BOTH and would have gone for a third if it had been offered.   All the pics are on My Bird List.

I got to see my first 'Walking Stick' in the Hummingbird House.  Quite amazing!

My camp at the Gilbert Ray Pima County Park just minutes from the Museum felt like the middle of the desert.  (Maybe not for summer, but totally comfortable that night!).

Gorgeous sunset for the best day!

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  1. There is that fantastic sunset picture. I just love it. Sounds like you had a great time.


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