Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Old App Barn

Four wheeling in my non 4x4 Rav on the abandoned Harvard Mine Road this morning was so worth it to get this shot of the barn at the old App place.  (The reddish trees on Table Mountain are California Buckeye.)

With happy serendipity I also happened upon these tumbling down sheds that aren't visible from the highway.

When one of my favorite barns in Chinese Camp burned down a few years back I started taking pics of the old barns around Tuolumne County.  Most are from the Gold Rush era and without lots of tender loving care they are  falling down.  The harsh winter of 2011-2012 sure took a toll.  I better get out for another barn ride before this winter attacks!

(Note to my history buff friends.....the App family are descendants of the Donor Party).


  1. Very interesting. Always sad to lose history. No one there interested in preserving?

    1. Oh yeah, we have no less than two very active and dedicated historical preservation societies in Tuolumne County. The barns I am referring to are on private property, old, old ranches that have not be financially viable for probably a hundred years. The families hold on to the property but can't make a living from the land. That said there are several original ranch families still living the dream successfully! Are you sorry you asked?!?


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