Friday, July 13, 2012

Twenty Lakes Basin - Part 2

Continuing along the track, Lake Helen looks like a tiny Crater Lake; rocky steep sides.  No clue why I don't have a picture!  (Must go back!).

Then there was Odell Lake.  If one refers back to the map, it's clear that the trail follows the WEST side of the lake.  But here, in real life, the trail VERY CLEARLY circles around to the EAST.

No worries though, columbine are blooming along the rocky shore.

Directly across the lake we could see a (tiny) trail hugging the shoreline, then going up the long wash to Lundy Pass.  (The pass is the lowest dip in the mountain).

Uh oh,  the trail dropped off a (small) cliff to a log crossing of Mill Creek.  Packs and walking sticks went first; two cautious hikers followed.  Whew!  


I was a little worried about what had looked like a deer track from across the lake, but it turned out to be a fine trail along the south shore of Odell with many, many huge clumps of columbines.

The climb up to Lundy Pass through the wash was hard!  Water running under and Monkey Flowers blooming between the rocks kept me going.  A young family soon caught up and passed me near the top of the pass.

By this time we knew we wouldn't catch our reserved taxi back to the Resort, but weren't too worried as it runs every 30 minutes.  The temperature was hovering about 70 degrees F.  Kinda warm for 10,600 feet!  More climbing to reach Hummingbird Lake.  Looking back down at the lake and Lundy Canyon in the distance, it was a long climb!

The hike down from Lundy Pass was really nice; Mt Dana is framed by the mountains around Saddlebag Lake.  As expected, the water taxi had departed leaving us with a short wait; just time to adjust for a return to the real world.

(Note:  I first read about Twenty Lakes Basin on Diana's blog, Life on the Open Road.  If you don't follow her adventures all ready, highly recommended!)


  1. Another beautiful trip. The views are really nice and you make it look so easy.


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