Thursday, July 26, 2012

Santa Fe Morning

The Loretto Chapel and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum were on our agenda for this morning; the rest of the day we would allow to evolve with carefree happenstance.  (It's my favorite way to travel and explore; a loose plan with lots of room for surprises).

While it's the Staircase that people come to see at the Chapel, it was the ancient oak out front that first caught my fancy.  The Chapel was built in 1870;  the tree was no doubt well established at that time or else they would have cut it down.  So let's just say it's at least 200 years old; probably older!

The Chapel is privately owned; operating as a museum and wedding chapel.  A wonderful docent greets visitors with the story of the creation of the staircase: an unknown carpenter, construction that defies the laws of physics, and mysterious wood.  The Staircase really is lovely and must have been striking before the handrails were added by the height challenged Nuns.

A poster in the lobby offers a photoshopped idea of how the original might have looked without the handrails.

Later in the day the courtyard would fill with vendors similar to those who set up shop under the veranda of the Palace of the Governors.  No pics of these hard working folks, but Raney did purchase a beautiful bracelet!

More opportunities for shopping along the street (my cow skulls come from the back forty!).

The door to the library is intriguing; I bet there are treasures behind this unassuming entrance.

And no, the lion didn't guard the entrance to the library, she rested further long down the street!

"She ain't heavy, she's my sister" (in the courtyard of the Museum of Fine Art; as seen by peaking through the  fence; don't know real name of sculpture or artist, sorry).

While Raney was happily explored the Christmas Shop I found this bench down the street with what turned out to be a Christmas Tree motif when I looked at the shot on my computer.  Funny.

Santa Fe is spilling over with art; much of it with native themes.  

What's not to love about a city that uses turquoise as an accent color and corn as a landscape planting?

Not our final stop, but definitely a highlight of a my visit to Santa Fe, was the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.  She was a phenomenal woman and artist.  

The more I read about Santa Fe the more I want to go back for an extended stay.  Any ideas for RV parking near downtown?  Walking distance would be perfect!  And then there's so much to see in the surrounding area too.  Umm, wonder what the best month to visit would be.....


  1. Wow, this truly was a great visit. Hope I can get there one day. The stairs are beautiful and scary enough even with the bannisters, can't imagine using them with no railings.

  2. Ummm, this is weird, I just found many comments from regular people in my Spam folder. Wonder why that is happening?!?

  3. In light of your recent Georgia O'Keeffe adventure -- our book club recently read "Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaii" by Patricia Jennings. Quick, easy read. Discussion made much more interesting by presence of Ms. O'Keeffe's niece, age 90-something, present. Gracious, well spoken lady, lives in Hawaii, friend of one of our members, pleased to come and share memories of her aunt. Made us all want to go to Santa Fe area.

    1. Thanks for recommendation Bonnie! I'm planning to read more about O'Keeffe this winter. And how cool that her aunt visited your book club!


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