Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Kodachrome State Park was named by a National Geographic Society expedition in 1948 after the color film for the spectacular colors of the rocks.  It cracks me up since we don't use film, let alone Kodachrome, I guess it's fitting now!

The website of the Red Stone Cabins warns not to use a GPS to find them.  On the drive out we were getting a little worried,  the Park is very remote!  Twenty-five miles from Bryce.  But the road is great, all paved, and totally worth the long drive.

Great morning and evening walks, and amazing star gazing were the highlights of our stay at Kodachrome.  Not to forget the thunder and lightning shows each night!

Kodachrome has a excellent campground; a few sites with electricity and water.  Tent sights would be fine for smaller rigs too.  The morning I walked through the campground it was maybe 50% full;  way better than the over crowding back at Ruby's!

And here's the sunrise.....

More beautiful rocks........


  1. Just beautiful! We know about the kodachrome but our kids and especially grandkids won't.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. My wife's family is from a nearby town called "Tropic" and we've spent some time at Kodachrome. Such a beautiful spot.


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