Friday, July 20, 2012

Bryce - Part 1

It's been four years since my last visit to Bryce.  That day a freezing wind was howling through the canyon.  We were hoping for better hiking weather this trip!  The main access to the Park,  an 18 mile road that runs along the west (?) edge of the canyon,  provides access to vista points, trail heads, the Lodge, and two campgrounds.  We decided to plan our hikes for Day 2 by driving the road first.

Expecting crowds it was a pleasant surprise to find ample parking at Sunset Point.  After soaking up the view, we checked out the Navajo Trail.  It's a loop that connects with the Queen's Garden Trail at the bottom of the canyon.

Dodging rain drops we walked back to Sunrise Point along the Rim Trail.

Under threatening clouds at Sunrise we planned our hike down into the canyon via the Queen's Garden Trail.  But for now, back to the driving tour with a stop at Natural Bridge.  (FYI, it's really an arch).

By mid-afternoon we were ready to find our cabin at Kodachrome (that turned out to be an adventure in itself!), so decided to save the rest of the drive through the Park for the next day.

Save that thought about Kodachrome;  first, our hike to the Queen's Garden!   With a big zoom you can see our destination in the very center of this shot.

Raney was set to hit the trail.

Even though the top section was very steep and quite intimidating!

Dropping quickly down into the canyon it was really cool to look UP at hoodoos!


There were several archways cut in the rock to accommodate the trail.

Near the bottom is the junction with the Navajo Trail.  Next time we will hike out that way and take the Shuttle back to our car.

The Queen watches over.......

........her garden........

It was fun to visit with a couple from Holland at the bottom of the canyon.  We exchanged photo ops and marveled over their excellent English and love of our National Parks.

Back up the trail another storm shower in the distance.

Near the top, check out the 'S' shape of the trail; it's beautifully constructed and maintained.  

Almost a mile down and a 400 foot drop (read CLIMB coming back out!) in elevation,  it was a great hike.  And brought back memories of good times in Yosemite many, many years ago! 


  1. Great pictures Diana and glad to see you had a hiking companion. Threw me for a minute until I realized that this was from your July travels and not after you got back from the NE.

    1. LOL, nope, trying to catch up! There is much more to come before I get to Maine!

  2. Love those views. I wish I wasn't scared of heights. I would love to be able to hike those areas.


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