Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recycled Rusty Stuff

The onions are ready to pull and the beans are producing a couple quarts every few days.  These planters are filled with earth worm castings that the worms created from household compost.  The worms are the off spring of a batch originally purchased in 1967.  The super-hero great-grandsons calculated that these particular worms are pushing 60 generations!

The beans are growing in cut down fifty gallon barrels.  The onion beds are two halves of a cement mixer.  That really big rusty thing in the far background is a trommel.  It's in the process of being sold.  Too bad, it would have made a 'hecka' planter!

(BTW,  this outstanding garden is the work of Dad and Jeanne; I just reap the benefits!)


  1. You definitely are getting some benefits. No tomatoes????


    1. Hey Colleen! This is just one corner of the little garden. Tomatoes are behind me. :). The big garden is across the yard with even more bounty!


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