Wednesday, June 27, 2012

May Lake Morning

At sunrise when the sun hits the very top of Mt Hoffman, a phenomenon of beautiful light is created on the mountain and across the lake.   It's called 'The Golden Moment'.   That's why my alarm was set for 5 AM.    And I missed it!  The snooze button?  Nope, I was up and watching the sun hit the peaks on the other side of Tenaya Lake; thinking I had plenty of time to get back down to the shore of May Lake. Nope again.  I turned to see the sun hitting just east of Hoffman, but somehow I was in the wrong place to see the Golden Moment.  Even still, it was an absolutely stunning sunrise!

The first blush of the sun above the lake....

The two front peaks of Mt Hoffman reflected in the lake.....


And finally the whole mountain!  (Next time I'll catch the Golden Moment :).

The trail around the edge of the lake was lovely in the filtered light.....

Campers are traditionally called to meals with a conch shell.  

Breakfast was, of course, yummy.  Cream of Wheat (!?!), eggs, bacon, fruit,  fun conversation with boys excited about the Portugal/ Spain soccer final they hoped to catch later.  

The camp is set up for 40; there were 11 of us Tuesday night.  What an unexpected, super treat!  I was sure wishing I could stay another night.  But my pack was waiting and with one last look at May Lake and Mt Hoffman I headed back down the 3 miles and 1000 feet to my car.

(Note:  Mt Hoffman is a good climb from May Lake; many people do it from the trail head in one day.  I couldn't handle that Tuesday afternoon; next time I will plan two nights and hike Mt Hoffman on the middle day!).


  1. Amazing photos again. Love those reflections.

  2. Thanks Colleen! I was lucky to be there when there was little wind!

  3. Wow! How does one follow those shots. Great job! Love that camera girl friend!

  4. Humm...I didn't realize I was behind in reading your blog.

    Great visit.


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