Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cattle Drive

Cows bellowing means only one thing.....cattle drive, so I grabbed my camera and ran outside.  Neighbor Nate and his daughters were moving a herd through our place to their pasture on the southwest side.

The girls ride drag.  It's dry and dusty.  

The cows know the way and move easily along the fence line.

Still, as they pass the first gate, Nate moves ahead to block them from heading for the interior of the ranch; he wants them to enter at the second gate.  Cows are pretty smart, but after passing the first gate you can be sure they won't be thinking about the next one!

Up until just a few years ago all the local ranchers moved their herds along the roads.  No more, you can see why from the traffic in the distance in the third shot.  (I was lucky enough to ride with a different neighbor on their last drive up O'Byrne's Ferry Road.  Hap (my beautiful old palomino) and I were on drag.  I had a bright pink hankie waving like crazy, not to move the cows, but to be sure the traffic saw me!).


  1. Diana--are you sure you are in California? Looks like the hill country to me. Missing you here.

  2. Colleen, it IS very like the Hill Country! But only 30 minutes to the high Sierra!!!!


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