Monday, March 12, 2012

Mustang Island State Park

Last week I visited a new to me part of Texas.....Mustang Island State Park.  There are two routes to get out on the islands;  one across the bridge from Corpus Christie and the other on the ferry from Aransas Pass.  I picked the ferry!  

Members of  OARS (Open Road Singles) organized the GTG (get together).  The campground is in the distance behind the sign.  We had a great group;  15 people and almost that many rigs.  Lots of fun and good food too.

Every morning I walked 3-4 miles on the beach.  It was windy most of the week causing in big waves.

One morning it was too windy even for me.  I stayed long enough to snap this picture with my iPhone and headed back to camp!

Early in the week we all piled in the available 'toads' and headed for Padre Island National Seashore.  Three of our number had recently turned 62.  They got their 'Senior Passes' for National Park and other federal lands and facilities.  I had to wait! The Ranger was very clear about NO issuing of passes until the VERY day one turns 62.  But I'm going back soon!

Padre Island is the longest (50 mile) undeveloped barrier island in the world.  They allow driving on the beach but 4x4 is best so we didn't do much of that.  There is a nice Visitor's Center.  Farther down is a Sea Turtle Research facility.  I will visit that on another trip for sure!

The dunes are pretty much covered by low vegetation that will help protect them in case of a hurricane.  Along the highway there are several access roads to the beach,  but not so much for trails.  At the camp ground the beach not that far,  but no trails to get there. 

The gulls were playing musical pilings in the wind.  At some secret signal they would all fly around in a couple circles and then land on a different post!

Next up Port Aransas.

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