Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flying Trip to Goliad

I offered to help friends, Liz and Birdie, with a day of 'musical rigs'.  It started early in Austin, progressed through Kerrville and ended in Goliad.  We took a new to me route on mostly back roads.  Hitting some of the highlights....

What I thought was surely a ROUND barn caught my eye from the highway in Center Point on the Guadalupe River. A quick left and around the block to find a church!

I hurried around to see the barn and found the back of the church!  It would be fun to go back on a Sunday to see the interior.

Down the road in Devine another stop for this old mill.

A few short days after our visit to Devine a tornado did damage to part of the the town.  I bet they are ok though with an attitude like the one on the town logo.

In Jourdanton we got the history of the Atascosa County courthouse from Lonny, a local supervisor.  Trying to avoid all the cars out front my shot turned out kind of weird.  It really is one of the most interesting courthouses I've seen in Texas.

Along a very busy highway (forget which one!) we found a colony of Mallow growing under the oak trees.  

Another town, another courthouse,  this one in Beeville.  We barely got out of the van.  It was late and we were getting hungry.

It was close to 6:30 when we pulled into Encino Grande RV Park out in the country a few miles west of Goliad.

Nothing fancy here,  just a delicious lasagna dinner waiting for us (thanks Liz!)  and fields of wildflowers!  Nope, it doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. Diana I am so glad that you put those photos up. That was some kind of day! Thanks again for your help!!


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