Wednesday, February 1, 2012

XC Ski at Bear Valley

It was overcast and a bit drizzly last Thursday when I went cross country skiing (for the first time in several years) at Bear Valley.  They offer a senior program that includes rental, lesson and trail pass for $25.  Ski, binding and shoe design has changed considerably since I bought mine.  That (or rusty skills) resulted in several falls; embarrassing but no harm done.  And in spite of the falls (and really, really sore muscles) I got bit by the skiing bug and couldn't wait to go back.

The next Monday it was bright and sunny.  Most of the foot or so of snow on the ground was maintained over the week-end due to cold temperatures.   The easy flat trails that circle around the meadow are all groomed.  Some back country trails are open,  but I'm not up to exploring those yet.   

This time I brought my old boots and skies.  Oh they are so nice.  Just a bit wider than the newer   design.  They almost made me feel like I had my ski legs back!

The Stables Trail heads out west from the beginning and crosses a little creek and pond.

The trails are groomed for regular skiing (see the two sets of tracks on the left) and for 'skating'. 

Several trails come together at the 'Warming Hut'.  They serve warm food and drinks.  It's not so far from the start of the trails, but sure is a welcome sight on the way back!

Another trail follows Bloods Creek.  It was gorgeous out there and I didn't see another skier the whole loop.

Coming in from Bloods Creek the trail goes through shady woods.  That was the most fun because the colder snow made for faster (and easier) skiing!

According to the Bear Valley website they got an inch of new snow last night. Not so much, but anything is good now.  I'll check it out tomorrow!