Friday, January 20, 2012

Wide Angle World

Taking pictures with a wide angle lens is more fun!  My new camera is another Canon (of course!) PowerShot SX40 HS.  The lens is 24 to 840 mm.  This is my first wide angle ever and I didn't know what I was missing!  

So, I've been experimenting;  walking down a trail and trying to guess where to stop to take shot.  More often than not I stop way too far out to fill the frame with the wide angle lens.  It usually takes a couple stops until the subject does fill the frame.  Pretty soon I hope to get the hang of it!

One day I hiked late in the afternoon on the Carson Creek trail at Glory Hole on Melones Reservoir.  Love the fading light on the oaks.

Another day on the Heron Point trail at Tuttle Town, also on Melones, with beautiful big manaznitas.

The trail systems at both locations are through oak grasslands.  So cool to get so close to the ancient oaks.

A spur off the Carson Creek trail is accessible as the water elevation decreases.  Another opportunity to test the wide angle!  

 (The 840 mm is another story.  It's a challenge to hold steady.  I've been practicing on birds and considering another blog to use as a record of those attempts.  And maybe as a bird list too. Ummmm)

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