Sunday, November 13, 2011


The main stop along Highway 89 between Kanab and Page is the BLM Paria Contact Office.  That's where you pick up your permit if you are lucky enough to be drawn for the daily lottery to hike to The Wave.  It's also the place to get the latest information for hikes to Buckeye and Wire slot canyons.  Of course I had to stop, if only to buy a post card!

The rangers were very busy answering questions from visitors in the office. It's the perfect time of year to hike this area;  not to hot and generally no rains.  At an Interpretive Maps center they had a cool message board, even providing paper and pencils!

Not far east of the BLM office I stopped to investigate a sign for a trailhead.  Yes, this was just right for a late afternoon walk; a mile out to the Toadstools.

The trail followed a dry wash on one side and beautiful layered cliffs on the other.

Before long I saw the first toadstool!

Up against the white cliffs is another grouping.  It's clear that these formations are firmly in the grip of the evolutionary process.  Some were near the end of their 'life' as a toadstool.

I hiked around the base of these white cliffs and came upon a moon scape of many hoo doos and toad stools.  Unfortunately,  the pix just couldn't capture that scene.

The sun getting low in the sky as I headed back to my van.  Along the way I passed several serious photographers with their equipment heading out the trail; no doubt planning to arrive for the beautiful light at sunset.

One last look back and I was deep into the shadows of the dry wash for the rest of my walk back to the trail head.

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