Friday, November 11, 2011

Lost Maples Detour Post

(I'm taking a detour from posting my trek east to post pics from this week at Lost Maples;  back to Utah soon).

Last year I visited Lost Maples a week or ten days later in the month to find most of the leaves down; not so this year!  Both the Big Tooth Maples and the Sycamores are in flaming color.

My RV friends met at the campground mid-afternoon on Wednesday.  We got our rigs set up then went out for a late afternoon walk under cloudy skies.  The park was quiet and the woods were beautiful.

Texas has finally cooled off and I woke up to frost on my windows!  It wasn't until close to 10 o'clock that I headed out for a hike.  Last year I did the East Loop, so this year it was the West side.

Huge sandstone boulders have been used through out the park to create stepping stones at the creek crossings

While the East loop 'follows' the a creek,  the West loop is 'in' the creek!  Lucky for me I choose to do it in a dry period.

That morning there were only 4 or 5 other hikers on the West loop trail.  We got acquainted as one would stop for a shot of an especially gorgeous maple and the rest would pass or wait for their turn.  It was fun to leap frog along the trail in that manner for the first couple miles.  After that I was pretty much on my own until near the other end when we all ended up together again.

Texas water is totally fascinating.  In a terrible drought,  all the creeks and many of the rivers are dry,  still water is seeping out of the rocks in unexpected places. This tiny seep eventually fills two good sized ponds down stream.  And the water is pristine!

The leaves are just holding on the sycamore tress.  Yellow and brown to the bright red of the maples.

It's not the best in the pic, but try to image that these leaves were absolutely iridescent against the sky.

A very few wild flowers were still blooming along the creeks.  I bet spring would be a riot here!

More brilliant leaves.


Hiking it's hard to remember to look back;  I'm usually too focused on moving forward,  but after one final water crossing at the end of the loop I did happen to look back to this......

Even with frost on the windows in the morning this week, the days were perfect.  Too much fun with old and new friends, hiking, and last but not least,  a piece of apple pie at Love Creek in Medina on the way home!


  1. Absolutely great pictures Diana. Enjoyed getting to see you and spend time with you again.


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