Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cali Color

This afternoon Auntie and I took a ride over to Calaveras Big Trees.  Driving up Highway 4 from Murphys we were very surprised to see the bright color of the maples that grow along the creek.  The leaves don't usually hang on the maples for long so we were very lucky to see them and were actually not expecting much color at the Big Trees; it's still a bit early.  Holy smokes we were in for another surprise!

Darn the apple ranch was closed, so no apple donuts, just a quick snack of cheese and crackers.  Auntie settled in for a read in the sunshine while I headed out to hike the North Loop.  

Trying not to exaggerate but have to say this is probably the most beautiful color I have EVER seen at the Big Trees.  The Dogwoods are maybe 60-70% turning today.  No storms are forecast so the next week or two should continue to be outstanding.

I walked the loop in the opposite direction of my usual route.  It was almost like being on a whole new trail!

Love this old stump along the upper section of the trail.

I met two groups on the lower section but nobody was on the outer loop.  Hope you enjoy the rest of the hike.....

Finally, to back track a bit, this old snag is called the Mother of the Forest.  Notice that she is almost as tall as the live trees nearby.  She must have been really, really tall in her prime.  And what a view of the dogwoods from way up there!

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