Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lassen National Park 2011

School has started and it's the second day of fall all ready, 'bout time to post pictures from our fabulous Oregon road trip.

After my quick visit to Lassen last fall I was pretty sure Sister and the Super Nephews would love it there too.

We stayed overnight on Highway 99 to get an early start into Lassen; several hikes were planned!

The Visitors Center is a great place to get oriented for a day in the Park. G loved the Richtor Scale that measured how hard he jumped as if he was an earthquake! Next up was a stop at Sulphur Springs. Yep, it smells just like sulphur.

From my previous recon trip I knew the place to have lunch was the picnic area at Helen Lake. Scratch that plan, Lake Helen was still frozen over and the picnic area was closed!

Back to the cars for plan B.......

.......Bumpass Hell!

A quick parking lot lunch and we were very shortly in for another surprise. OK, yes, there was a sign about treacherous conditions, but there were tons of people returning on the trail so we headed out. It's maybe 1 1/2 miles out to Bumpass Hell, usually an easy hike. Not that day, 2/3 of the trail was still under snow. Luckily it was squishy and not too slippery. Still, keeping an eye on two boys on a snowy trail across a steep canyon, well, you get the picture! I was a wreck and they had a blast!

Bumpass Hell lived up to it's name and I did hear a couple comments from visitors about the proverbial 'snowball in hell'.

The hot springs area is 16 acres. The main section is accessible by a raised board walk. Weirdly right in the middle was a lovely pool of fresh water from the snow run off.

We saw this flowering evergreen scrub in several places, but I couldn't identify it. Maybe somebody out there can. Or G can save it as a question for his natural history hero, John Muir Laws.

Here's a closer look....

Probably no need to mention that G has never seen a big rock he didn't want to climb?

Returning to the car, the trail didn't seem quit so harrowing, but I was happy it was a short drive to our camp at Burney Falls.


  1. Oh, Diana, what a blast that was for the SN's! They will talk about it for a bit and brag about how their Auntie was scared!! One day they will so love to travel and see things...probably convince you to come along with them.

    Looking forward to seeing you this fall.

  2. Thanks to Lorraine for id'ing the the beautiful pink wildflower as Brewer's Mountain Heather!


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