Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crater Lake Awesomeness

We arrived at Crater National Park late afternoon and soon found our site in Mazama Campground. The excellent plan we made to set up camp and have some food before driving out to the lake worked out very well. You can see from the smiles that all were happy and excited to finally be there!

A glitch developed when we tried to hike up to the Watchman Tower though. More snow and this time I wasn't about to cross the trail closed sign!

So instead of hiking, we hung out at the Watchmen overlook to watch the sun set on the lake. The sun created amazing colors on the mountains in our view to the east.

This cool flower was growing on the rocky hills.

Between the parking lot and the overlook is this crazy tree. It looks like a 'watchman' to me! And maybe not a very happy one either.

When he wasn't entertaining tourists from other countries, G spent some serious time reading the interpret signs and soaking in the grander of the lake.

It was a bit chilly overnight but not too bad for the kids in the tent. After a breakfast and hot chocolate we drove back into the lake for our boat ride.

Another group shot before our hike down the caldera to the boat launch. (That's our navigator behind the map).

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