Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lower Emigrant Hike

Last week adventure pal P and I hiked out of the Crabtree Trailhead into the Emigrant Wilderness. It was a great day for hiking, never got hot, even on the exposed switch backs. The Crabtree parking lot was full, but we saw few people on the trail.

Here's the bridge at the beginning of the trail.

It's a good uphill pull to Camp Lake. The trail follows a small drainage that had nice wild flowers abit past their prime, but still pretty. And it's always good to see green grass in August.

The south shore of Camp has plenty of room to spend a summer afternoon. Wonder why I don't go out there more often! These crazy reflections are looking toward the north shore.

Phlox are still blooming.

Mariposa Lilies are few and far between.

This has been an outstanding year for Mountain Pride. Over Tioga Pass it is spilling across all the granite rock.

We hiked passed the trail intersection to Bear Lake a half mile or so down to the bottom of the next canyon before deciding to go back to Bear. Good decision. We ended hiking between 8 and 9 miles as it was!

Bear is bigger than Camp and has this island a short swim out from the camping area.

We hung out for about an hour for lunch and a rest while soaking in the gorgeous views.

Two hours hiking and we were back to the trail head and ready to roll back down the hill to Sonora.


  1. Thank's for this beautiful hike. I've hiked out of Kennedy Meadows but never Crabtree.
    I see we both have a Roadtrek and that you enjoy some of the same haunts in the Eastern Sierra that I do. Our cabin is at Virginia Lakes.
    Perhaps our paths will cross some day.
    I'm sure you will enjoy the Redwoods though I imagine it will not be your first visit.

  2. Hi Martha, wow, a cabin at Virgina Lakes, that's awesome!
    Hopefully we will cross paths in Northern CA in our Roadtreks, that would be fun!


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