Saturday, August 6, 2011

2nd Annual Gull Lake Adventure

We planned our Gull Lake adventure for later in the summer this year to be sure the snow was gone. That was a good call back in February.

The Marina is just a couple minutes walk from our cabin and has a little store, picnic tables behind a wind break, and a cool bar with stools to watch the boats and fisher people.

These two were out early but didn't have any luck this day.

Several vintage boats were tied up at the dock.

One day we visited Virginia Lake. It was cold and windy. We didn't stick around there for long! (this was the most snow we saw all week)

Another day we explored Convict Lake. It was gorgeous that day; we all sat on the shore for close to four hours while S tried his luck again at fishing.

Wild roses are blooming all over the mountains.

A highlight of our week was visiting Hot Creek. Still not sure where the Fish Hatchery is located (maybe it was closed). But I'm pretty sure it was near this area of the creek where we saw these beautiful White Pelicans.

A couple miles out a gravel road we found the Thermo site. Hot water dumps into the creek, thus the name! There is a trail along this section of the creek and more thermo sites to see; we'll save that hike for another trip.

The creek was fenced and seriously signed along this section. Some folks ignored the sign and swam anyway. We thought that wasn't a good idea!

This is the scalding water that flows into the creek. Amazing color!

(don't know why I can't uncenter this text!) Be that as it may, this view is looking downstream on Hot Creek.

And here's the gang after our walk down the trail to the creek.


  1. Diana that is some absolutely beautiful pics that you posted. I see that as calendar material. You looked to have had a great hike with your friends.

  2. Thanks Birdie! Hope it cools off soon in Texas!

  3. Diane, I am looking for interesting places to visit in the United States. Found your blogpage. Thank you for the pictures, it helps me decide where should go next! :)

  4. My husband and I had a trip to Gull Lake stayed at Madden. You took great pictures of the place! :)


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